Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The King's Comrades Braai on Sunday 10 June 2007

2 x six packs they say.....I think Brett has found competition

Ag pleeeease hold me, or I will fall down

Vanda help to hold us up...

Oh shit new it, the damn floor keeps moving and we all
fall down - well one of us that just couldn't stand anymore!!

That can't be all.....Orette is worth much much more!!!!!

You know the old saying.....while you're down there,
but really.....not in front of the children!!!

We can't hear you Alida, shout louder

Sometimes in life words just don't mean as much as a pic....
Smelling you.......smelling me ahaaa - by ABBA

Now, Now- no need to go that far

You just have to get a hand on this one...

Very sweet!!!!

Her Royal Ass - ness

Now where do you insert the coins???

Can you stop moving the furniture and ....floor!!!