Monday, 9 June 2008

Ok now you are wondering....what's the catch????

Yip you got it, It was Micky's Birthday!!!!!!!

This is a true pic of the birthday girl, I promise.

Vanda makes a great "bookie" don't you think?

Brett and Auctioneer?? naaaa

Oh shit....what happened to Terry????

Just a sneak pre view........

In the true west coast spirit, we do what we have
to - what ever floats your boat.

What are you grinning at .....Peter?????

We were in the company the very elite adorned
with crystals for the occation - a braai!!!

These two ladies came out as a gift to all men
(and women if you wish) saying.....
gooooooood .........luuuuuuuckkkk guuuys!!!

Vitalina's cooler...I take it the champagne is for
all the training behind you and the brandy for the
pain to come???? no - no pain, we'll drink it away!!

Cheers Peggy

Cheers John......oh sorry you weren't there

The rolling tits, I mean hills .....

Now this is taking comrades a bit far don't you
think Neville???? AA meetings are held regularly.

OK....I AM BACK!!!!!!!

Let's introduce you to a new couple.....Willie,
Carbo loading for comrades wine wine

His wife Adele, but look at their classy picnic basket
and ......what can I say but......

Her drink of choice at a west coast "braai"
of her own!!!!!!

Dave the family man