Monday, 31 August 2009

The Puffer 2009 - Random Pics

Sean Evans and his buddy ran with the rat pack from Table Mountain
to the end!!! He is a star...(a secret is that this youngster has just gotten his
Western Province colours for gymnastics but shhhhh I never said a thing)

The tartain twins - Caroline and Sue soon to join WC
so I believe ....could be a rumor but maybe not????

No this is organised!!! Albert was chief baby sitter....

Breda's Brood waiting for her cooool

Some of them took toooooo long so a nap was the order
of the day

Breda and Reini's youngest Amigan, laughing at the runners

Kobus doesn't even look like he's run 80 km!!!!

Bribery works well with kids as they support the
West Coasters

Not a bad welcome Johan !!!

Drinking while waiting is sooooo coooool, it makes you
feel like you are part of the Puf(b)party

Check out the Tuffer Puffer - Alan having a seat.
Very festive at the end

I just know how much Elzete hates having her pic taken
but I couldn't help it sorry

Klaus at the finish

NB...Look at the smile on Dave's face, wow... we
didn't see that at Constantia Neck.
These guys ran the whole way together.

I couldn't run as fast as Willie could walk to show me his
hands after a fall, at least this time it was done on the trail
Willie and not right at the finish like last year....ooops was that
a secret damn!!!

Ok I'm a little biased but just needed to get these done quickly - This is to proove that I was
up at 3 in the morning ha ha

David coming through the finish, smiling -
He had PB by 35 min

Ok you can stop smiling now!!!

That's better... at least you look buggered this time!!!

Chris drove them to the start and seconded them along the way
Oh sorry Chris forgot to tell you that Willie said thank you very much
Better late than never

Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Puffer 2009 Back Bone

Thank you Serena and Martin for all your hard work
and to all behind the scenes people, doctors, sweepers,
ref's, time keepers and even the poor oak that had to
glue the rock to the wood etc...Thanks again from all the
West Coast Puffer Runners and Supporters...You Rock!!!



Time Keepers and Ref

Whew.....time to relax soon!!!!

Shelly came in with a tired smile but what a
wonderful high

Patrick and Johan, just listen to the guy and go up

Elvera had such a short stop, she just wanted to
keep running

Angelo....listen to Sherri and stop running away
from her

Supporters club

Puffer 2009

The three muskateers - through thick and thin (no not hair)

Can't believe you've just done over 50k's!!!

Willie, not going anywhere....he has to wait for Adele
to get to Constantia Nek or he is in groot kak!!!

15 min later and lots of pushing....Willie finally leaves
without seeing Adele, they were still on their way through Milnerton!!!

Supporters need snacks!!!