Thursday, 20 September 2007

Puffer 2007 Party on the hill

New Terry, ACDC

Another pic of Mr West Coast ( sorry Alan)

Brand New Captain of Vice ......Mr T

oh soooo sweet


At last.....a real feel up

Mark......going bee stings either

Introducing Miss West Coast

Gadget Barbie again

A New Mr West Coast

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He got IT all this morning......Johno got it all this morning

Just relax JP........while I'm down here

Well done Santa Klaus

Mary Poppins just hanging around

Hey Caroline...check we have lollies!!! Vote for us.....

Clare and Breda supervising

David on the red carpet.....he thinks he's royalty

Hey chick slow down.....really not so fast

Now we do have royalty....Well done Elvera

This is Alida and Lynne our very own Personal
Puffer Professionals....they did an awesome job,
no....not any other kind of job

This couldn't have been done with out some help from our very
own personal trainer...Elzette

Wow Clive, they really did roll out the red
carpet for you!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH OUT...................

WE SEE THEM......THEY COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY'RE HERE...........Oh it runners

Look B, I promise I'll behave

Now this is a trophy!!! You too can have one like this if you
are brave (stupid) enough to do the puffer twice in one day!!!

Must just check the finances quick, shhhhhhhhh

We have a brand new gadget barbie!!!

Just let me get down this little hill and I can put a new
face on......whew

This camera needs repairs, the back ground is really dark

Watch when we do this again next year......
we'll have male strippers and and and and

oh it again.....yes....yes

ok I got it!!!! Yipeee I can smell the beer, lets goooooooo

Check this out!!! "food for runners" in one hand and a plate
in the other. No we can't see the piece of ass behind either.

Anyone want to join "Le Tour dou Peaks"?? Apply within!!

Hey JP what you suckin on??

Oh please let this end NOW......I need to return the water
filled imported beer bottles before he notices****

Please change this beer into red bull or something else to
fly down that hill

Puffer 2007

Hey doll, your looking swell!!!

yip we finally have our very own go go girls (and boys)

And they have the moves tooo!!!

We can all learn from them...the go go girls I mean

Monday, 10 September 2007