Monday, 20 April 2009

Cape Odyssey

The "manne"after the greuling 5 day drinking
I mean running spree.
Still talking to one another, they haven't seen anyone
else to talk to for 5 days...

David and Willie

So Adele just had to keep busy, and what
better time to cut your toe nails while you
wait for your husband to come in.
Willie if the wine is finished you too will get the

Feb awards evening

David- Don't give Lizzie a hard time...Her coach Gavin is
right next to her.....

Oh please take a picture of us......OK!!!!!

Now this is a great one!!!!! Taken by Vanda - I really want to comment on this but I know
that this will get me into huge kak. Damn I hope her mom can't get into the internet.......

Never mind everyone else but look at Dave Atwell...
falling asleep in his chair while waiting for Brett to finish the awards?? Not on!!!

Then again look at Brett at his own awards evening, are you bored or do you
have a good view from down there????

Glen on the pub run

Terry and Glenn - Does Terry really believe that he
is the boss?? Hey what ever.....blows you, I mean your hair back

Pub Run 2008

Amaizing the lengths people will go to get on the blog,

and ......Vladimir????? Ok I get it!!!! You want to be
next to a coool dude

Christmas Morning Run 2008

All in their red

Trudy got her pressie already mmmmm

Don is still looking for his....

Father Christmas ready to had out sweeties to
the kiddies on the beach....wouldn't the kids still
be busy under their tree's????

Trail Running........

So this is what happened.....they walked down the hill???
Don Mackenzie our treasurer.... short arms and long pockets,
ran with his doctor....Analine Bindemann and Johan his peridontist -
Why you might ask???? save buck on a consult of course......

There are only 2 types of trail runners and he has now joined the
elite group of those who have fallen. Thanks to our dear doc friend who had
to patch him up and Johan who had to check his gums and all....

After a few stitches he is now well on his way to a full recovery. Any person feeling sorry
for this wonderful treasurer of ours....feel free to buy him a few toots in the pub. He doesn't
feel the pain after 10 or so drinks.