Monday, 10 May 2010


This be the run....
Here are some of the West Coasters that ran ( the others
were sleeping shhhhhhh)

Here they come..our very own golden girls Joan and Jenny
Sprinting for the line!!!
Hugs all round, well done!!!
What a TEAM!!!!
Ag sweet... Trevor Ball (the sweeper) not that he was
anywhere near our girls!!!
Very greatful to the orgaiser of the Crazy Store Table Mountain did good sweeping !!!!

The finish ...while waiting for our golden ladies
Willie with his wine glass, practicing his singing for the girls
Oh yes and what was the name of the run again???
No keep on the good side of this dood, he knows your name!!!

Check me out, I can even lift my arms !!!!
Gary able to hold a beer, true Comrades training
Also in Comrades training...Windhoek
Another one in training, able to hold a beer!!
Ag Johan, please run down there and see where the
girls are ???
She could have won you know....if only her partner could
keep up with her ???? Not sure about the team work.....
Done in true West Coast Spirit...well beer anyway
Here is an "ou roo...  I meen runner Nick Louw. Watch
him at puffer, he's never missed one - giving his age away :-)
Ok so he seriously needs to "chill"
Dave please don't pose....
It wasn't that funny????

Family support is vital and they better start when they are young :-)


Hello Peter
Not bad looking after that little jog..40 something km's
Serena seems to be happy to be near the chill zone, must be because
of all the West Coaster's!!!!!

Willie pondering his Comrades this year..
David thinks he's joking :-)
Then realised that he wasn't joking, but Gary is ready!!!
This, the most important part of the race...the chill zone
David, I am here you don't need to sms me!!!
Ahhhh now I see you he he he

African X 2010

Tilda looking fresh as ever...
Looking like a winner !!!
Tilda and Liesel Marie sponsored by CTFM
Anyone recognise Serena from Puffer???
Anne, I made it!!! ....We believe you Peter