Friday, 8 November 2013

2003 Year End Party........ wow

The end of year function in the old club house. The bar was run by our very own members who took turns on a roster basis. Each week someone would go to Makro and buy the booze needed and everything was done on a volunteer basis. Wow we used to party then :-)))
Vitalina you go girl ;-)

Shiela Colbeth

Trudy and Graham - Trudy had an opp on her feet

Check Elzette :-) Sherri there too

Lionel and Long Piet having a chat

Xandra :-)

Xandra, Terry and Dave

Dancing the night away

Dave Atwell ;-)

Willem Muller with Robyn and Deena

Bernie Hand

Grant Harvey

Albert Pretorious

Stacey, Butch, Elvera, Graham and Trudy

Micky Elliot


Stacey and Elzette

Mark Anderson and Russell Tait

Grant and Ronnie

Yours Truly ha ha ha

Russell Worthington

Elzettte and Vitalina


Vladimir and David

Jackie Lemmon and Stacey ha ha ha

Ernest Markwood

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