Monday, 25 August 2008

Our PUFfer Results 2008

10. Wilhelm Coetzee 09:11:25 - over mountain
15. Angelo Henry 09:31:53 - over mountain
24. David Johnston 10:05:41 - race re-routed round mountain by order
28. Clive Mitchell 10:22:43 - No comment
35 Colin Hepburn 10:34:25 - All following runners went round the mountain
36. Johan Pretorious 10:42:13
37. Dave Evans 10:42:13
45. Pierre Conradie 11:05:33
49. Mark Spengler 11:05:41
58. Klaus Kassel 11:19:35
67. Shelly Thomas 11:28:55
68. Lynn Thomas 11:28:59
77. Monica Jentsch 11:45:09

The weather was diabolical, in all the years that I have been involved we have never seen such
bad weather. I am so proud of those that finished and for those that had to stop... I too am proud of you!!!! I saw avid mountain goats shiver and shake with blue mouths etc pull out because their core temps had dropped so much and it was too dangerous for them. For all the wonderful people that gave up the comfort of their homes to stand in such appauling weather to support, you are real gems! It is with your help that the runners were able to achieve what they did. Thank you to each and every one of you .....This is the spirit that we as a club are so very proud of. WEST COAST ATHLETIC CLUB "ROCKS"!!!!!

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