Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Never a Dull Moment :-) 2006 Amazing Race

At the time Stacey Clemen was our social officer and extremely resourceful. She with helpers Lynette Lee and Rene organised this race. It was awesome fun and took us all over town ending at our then temporary club house MAC. Such great fun, Look at the cars back then and the price of fuel on the pump. Things have changed a bit ;-)

Blast from the past

Terry, Trudy, Sheila and Graham

Cindy, Max, Ana and Mike

Yes this is Alan Green ;-) and Mia Pinaar wow

Jason, Alida, Shawn and Geoff

Great memories ;-)

Lionel and Birgetta

Brenda with her long hair, my word :-)

Bill hasn't changed bar for being Russian back then

Stacey a real trooper, awesome event

Dave Evans, no change there but look at Robyn :-)

I see Savanah was around then too

Everyone listened when she spoke

Toni was our main race sponsor back in the day

The girls

Ah we had to swallow a raw egg ..... eeek

R5,94 a litre for petrol wow

Very brave Lionel

Rene and Lynette :-)

Graeme Nicol and Lynne James

Singing for their dinner ha ha ha

Pass the card without hands

Wow Ashley and Darryn were so cute

Rob in a Tutu

Bill in a tutu

How many marshmallows can you eat at once??

Need I say more...... this is a competition isn't it lol

Down Down


Iain Mac Donald and the boys

Alan jou doring

The haka




























































































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